Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation

Office Directories and Contact Information

New hours of contact for Employment & Assistance Offices: 9AM to 4PM (Pacific Standard Time) Monday to Friday, closed between noon and 1PM.

Hours of contact for phone service:  9AM to 4PM (Pacific Standard Time) Monday to Friday.

Employment & Assistance Offices are closed on statutory holidays as well as on Easter Monday and Boxing Day.

Note: Possible extended hours in some offices.

If you are unable to locate an office for your community...

call the ministry's Automated Telephone Inquiry (ATI) toll free information line at:

1 866 866-0800
(available in BC only)

This number provides toll-free access to information about ministry programs and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Service BC

Service BC will refer callers to the appropriate SD office and transfer callers free of charge.

Hours of operation for Service BC are 7:30am to 5:00pm (PST) -- Monday through Friday.

In Victoria call: 250 387-6121
In Vancouver call: 604 660-2421
Elsewhere in BC call: 1 800 663-7867
Outside British Columbia: 1 604 660-2421
Email address:

Telephone Device for the Deaf (TDD)

In Vancouver call: 604 775-0303
Elsewhere in BC call: 1 800 661-8773