Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation

Employment Plan

  • The Employment Plan assists BC Employment and Assistance (BCEA) clients towards achieving sustainable employment, independence and self-sufficiency.
  • Personal responsibility and active participation are key principles of BCEA. Employable BCEA applicants are expected to look for work before they receive assistance.
  • People receiving income assistance are expected to seek work or participate in job placement and job training programs so they may reach their goal of self-sufficiency.
  • Each BCEA client must, when requested, enter into an Employment Plan to be eligible for income assistance.
  • The ministry works with the client to develop the Employment Plan. The Employment Plan describes the steps the client will take towards finding and keeping employment and the expectations that the ministry has for active participation.
  • The Employment Plan may include independent work search or referral to job placement programs, specific training for employment or other specific services.
  • Ministry staff will monitor a client's progress.
  • Clients with employment-related obligations who do not comply with the conditions of their employment plans are not eligible for assistance.
  • The Employment Plan is a legal document. The ministry must approve any change to the Employment Plan.

For More Information

Contact the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation Info Line at: 1 866 866-0800

  • If you are receiving Ministry services, input your Person ID and PIN, or your Social Insurance Number, then press option 2, and then press option 5.
  • If you are receiving Ministry services and do not have a Person ID or Social Insurance Number, or for all general inquiries, enter your 10 digit phone number, then press option 1, and then press option 5.