Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation

How to Apply for Persons with Disabilities Assistance

BC Employment and Assistance for Persons with Disabilities provides disability assistance and supplements to provide greater independence for people with disabilities, including security of income, enhanced well-being, and participation in the community.

You can begin the process of applying for assistance by using the online Self- Serve Assessment and Application.

Persons with Disabilities (PWD) Designation Application Form - Sample

The sample form is available as a printable PDF file, or in alternate formats accessible to screen reader software for the visually impaired. These are provided for information purposes only and may not be used as substitution for completion of the actual form.

To obtain an application form, please visit the Employment and Assistance Centre in your local community.

Please note that a PWD Designation Application is provided only to those applicants who:

  • intend to apply for disability assistance, and
  • are likely to meet the eligibility criteria for disability assistance under the Employment and Assistance for Persons with Disabilities (EAPWD) Act within 6 months of the date the application is requested.

Assistance to persons with disabilities is subject to both income and asset eligibility criteria and the payment of assistance is based on an individual's ongoing financial eligibility.

For further information on applying for Persons with Disabilities Assistance, please refer to the ministry’s Online Resource which also includes the Disability Assistance Rate Table.